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Goff Automotive Machine


Check Out Our Latest Addition!!

It's a DynoJet Chassis Dyno!

Ever wanted to know what that ride of yours could REALLY do?

Don't keep wondering, call us, make a run, find out, and brag to your friends!


  Our RED LINE special:  Flowmaster Delta-Flow Technology Series Mufflers starting at $79.99!

We also boast some of the lowest prices around.  We just recently compared our price on a 350 Chevy Master Kit to that of a local national chain.

Their Price  437.79      Our Price  269.99      That's almost a $170 savings!



We provide precision machine work on the following components:

Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Rods & Pistons, Flywheels, Rotors & Drums, and Much More.

We are a full service Machine Shop.  We Do It All!

Cleaning, Boring, Honing, Line Boring & Honing, Resurfacing, 3 Angle Valve Jobs, Pressure Testing, Crack Repair, Seat Replacement, Crank Grinding & Polishing, Reconditioning Rods, and Engine Component Balancing just to get us started.

We are your full service Parts Store, too.  If we can't get it, you don't need it.



Company Profile

Goff Automotive Machine, Inc. is a family owned & operated machine shop in eastern Kentucky specializing in all types of engines.  Everything from Harley Davidson to Caterpillar, we do it all.  Whether you are looking to rebuild the engine in the Family Truckster, put a little or a lot more horses under the hood of your ride, or looking for something to blow the doors off the competition at the drag strip or race track, we are your one stop shop.

You can feel comfortable bringing your work to us, we are a member of the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association.  



Contact Information

Feel free to contact us using any of the avenues below.

Our store hours are:

Monday - Friday  8am - 5pm Saturday  8am - 12pm Sunday  Closed

Postal address
2195 Raccoon Road, Raccoon KY 41557
Electronic mail
General Information or Sales: larry@goffautomotivemachine.com


Send mail to brian@goffautomotivemachine.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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